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submitted by Scott Darrington
Dillon, MT Troop 265
In fourteen hundred and ninety two, (repeat)
A sailor from New Delhi (repeat)
Was walking down the streets of Spain, (repeat)
Selling hot tamales (repeat)

He said the world was roundo (repeat)
He said it could be foundo (repeat)
That hypothetical calculating son of a gun Colombo(repeat)

He walked right up to the Queen of Spain (repeat)
Asked for ships and cargo (repeat)
He said I'll be a son of a gun if I don't bring back Chicago (repeat)


The ships cook, the ships cook(repeat)
Yes he was a cookin'(repeat)
He slipped a rat into the pot(repeat)
When no one else was lookin'(repeat)


The second mate, the second mate(repeat)
Yes he was a singin'(repeat)
He hit the second highest note(repeat)
And all our ears were ringin' (repeat)


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