Celebrate Together

If I touch one someone with my song,
Somewhere in this whole world round;
And that someone somewhere starts to sing along.
That would be the sweetest sound.

And if I make a little magic with my words
I something that I write or say;
Then I know my message is bound to be heard
And I'll give something to the world in my own way.

Just a spark of inspiration lights a fire deep inside.
I'll use my imagination to create my work with pride. And

Celebrate the girl inside of me.
Celebrate the woman I will be.
I will sing out my own melody.
When we celebrate, celebrate together.

There's a world of wonder to explore.
And I hear it callin' out to me.
Now I'm getting ready every day to open the door;
Make my way and see what I can see.

I'll fly the sky and sail the ocean, climb a mountain to the top.
Now my life is set in motion, here I go now, I won't stop.


Standing in a circle with my sisters, arm & arm with friends;
Girl Scouts together united, I pledge once again.