Generic Graces for Girl Scouts

Compiled and rewritten by Carol Lee Spages
Reprinted with Permission.

Saying or singing a grace before meals has been a Girl Scout tradition.  Because not everyone shares the same faith and does not worship the same spiritual being, the following graces are the appropriate ones to use when hosting a meal for members of a variety of religions. They eliminate any reference to a spiritual entity.

ORCHARD & FIELD - tune: Tell Me Why
Orchard and ocean, the farm and field
We are so thankful for all they yield.
For earth and water, for flower and seed
We are so thankful in thought, word and deed.

CARE FOR ME - tune: There is a Tavern in the Town
So many people care for me (care for me)
And make me happy as can be (as can be)
A-a-and give me bread and a place to rest my head,
Oh, the joy of friends and family!
(spoken) Thank you!

THANK YOU - tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Thank you for the food we eat,
Thank you for new friends we meet.
Thank you for Girl Scouting days
As we learn in fun-filled ways.
May we always try to do
As we promised, duty true.

The eagle give thanks for the mountains
The fish give thanks for the sea.
We give thanks for the goodness
And for what we're about to receive.
(arms like wings, then become mountain peaks)
(hands together like swimming fish, then wave motion)
(arms raised in front like receiving something being passed down from a height)
(arms lowering, hands like they are holding something)

TIME TO EAT - tune: Ain't she Sweet
Time to eat, thankful Girl Scouts in each seat!
We thank you for your generosity- time to eat!

WE THANK YOU - tune: Kum-Bah-Yah
For the food we eat, we thank you,
For the friends we meet, kind and true.
For the fun we share, all day through,
We thank you, we thank you.

GIRL SCOUT GRACE -tune: Auld Lang Syne
For all the bounty we receive,
Let us offer thanks and praise.
And be courageous, strong and fair,
As we live the Girl Scout way.

WE ARE THANKFUL - tune: Are You Sleeping
We are thankful, we are thankful *
For our food, for our food.
And our many blessings, and our many blessings,
We thank you, we thank you.

   *second part of round begins here

MMM GRACE - tune: Linger
MMM - I am so thankful
MMM - that we're together
MMM - to share this food with each of you.

THANKS FOR THIS FOOD - tune: Hark to the Chimes
Thanks for this food,
That we shall eat,
Thanks for the bread,
And for the meat.

BOOM BOOM TA RA RA - tune: Roll Out the Barrel
Give thanks for good friends,
We have a barrel of fun.
Give thanks for good food,
Don't waste one single crumb.

Boom Boom Ta-ra-ra!
Sing out a song of good cheer.
Now's the time to give our big thanks,
For the friendship's here!

We wake and rise to a new day,
Silver and green and gold.
Live that the sunset may find us
Worthy the gift we hold.

(Time of day) is here.
The board is spread.
We give our thanks
For this good bread.

We've filled our plates and dishes,
With food that is nutritious,
And all that we can wish is,
To thank you very much.

Da da da da (snap snap)
Da da da da (snap snap)
Da da da da, da da da da,
Da da da da (snap snap)

For health and strength and daily bread
We're thankful for this day.

Amazing grace, how great the world
That meets my every need,
I quench my thirst,
I make new friends,
My soul and body feed.

Good bread
Good meat
Good Gracious
Let’s eat!

BLESS THIS FOOD - (tune: Row Row Row your boat)
Bless, bless, bless this food
Bless all present here.
And help us now to spread your love
To people far and near.