Hairy Ape

The other day (repeat)
Out by the lake. (repeat)
I ran into, (repeat)
A hairy Ape. (repeat)
The other day out by the lake,
I ran into a hairy Ape.

(Other verses)

I shook with fear:
I shook with fright.
A ten-foot ape,
Is quite a sight.

I backed away;
The ape advanced.
I crossed my legs,
I wet my pants.

I closed my eyes,
I held my breath
I waited there
For certain death.

But then that ape
Began to laugh.
He said, "I won't
Rip you in half"

He said, "I see
That you're a Scout.
Can you tell me
What that's about?"

I said, "We camp."
1 said, "We hike."
"It's something that
I really like."

He said, "It sounds
Like lots of fun
To be a Scout.
Can I be one?"

He's still a Scout,
This very day.
He's Eagle rank;
He's in O.A.

The moral is
That scouting is fun,
And Scouting is
For everyone.