Passover Story

By Mark Kreditor

Tune: The Brady Bunch

It's a story, about baby Moses, who came floating
down the river called the Nile
Pharoh's Queen was there just to catch him and so he stayed a while

Its a story about Jewish builders, who were tired
of building Pyramids. All of them were slaves just
like their Mothers and just like their kids.

Until one day big Moses talked to Big G. That's
G-O-D and that spells Moses's God. He said you
just leave and go to Israel I won't make it hard.

So then Moses asked old Pharoh let my people go.
He said "For Real"., no Moses never no. So the 10
plagues were brought to Pharoh and he said: Moses go

Your people can go. Now Moses go. That's the way Pharoh said now Moses go.