I'm a Nut

I'm a little acorn brown
Lying on the cold, cold ground
Somebody came and stepped on me
Now I'm cracked as I can be

I'm a nut
In a rut
I'm a nut
So what!

Called myself on the telephone
Just to see if I was home
Asked myself out for a date
Didn't get home til half past eight


Took myself to the picture show
Sat right down on the very first row
Put my arms around my waist
Got so fresh I slapped my face


I'm a little piece of tin
Nobody knows where I've been
I've got four wheels and a running board
I'm a four-door, I'm a Ford
(Honk honk, rattle rattle, crash crash,
beep beep, a-oo-ga)

I'm a little junior miss
I can hug and I can kiss
I can sing and I can dance
I wear ruffles on my ________
Hold it, boys, take another guess
I wear ruffles on ay dress