I'm a Daisy Girl Scout

Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

Submitted by Karen Glassman

I'm a Daisy Girl Scout, yes I am.
Here is my tunic, here is my pin
When a do a good deed, hear me shout,
I'm a Daisy, inside and out!.


I'm a Daisy standing tall (stand tall)
I'm a Daisy, friend to all (wave to friends)
I'm a Daisy, helping every day (hands out, palms up)
Living my life in the Girl Scout way (give Girl Scout sign)


I'm a little Daisy (hands together, at side of face, head tilted)
dressed in blue (hands pick up hem of uniform smock)
I am a Girl Scout (make 3 fingered sign)
you are too (point to neighbor)
When I go to meetings (hands out, palms up)
I sing and shout (hands cup around mouth)
I love being a Daisy Girl Scout (point to heart)