I Points to Myself

I points to myself, vas is das here;
Das is mine top-notch-er, ya mama dear.
Top-notch-er, top-notch-er, ya mama dear.
Dat's wot I learned in der school, boom-boom!

As you sing this action-song, point to the proper body part when you mention it. For example, point to the top of your head when you sing Topnotcher. Continue singing and add another part of your body for each verse and repeat the others going backwards in reverse order. Try as many verses as you want, using the list below. For the boom-boom, clap hands, bang tables, or stamp your feet.

Point To: Sing:
Top of Head Topnotcher
Brow Sweat browser
Eye Eye Winker
Nose Horn Blower
Mustache Soup Strainer
Mouth Food Chomper
Chin Chin Chowser
Neck Rubber Necker
Stomach Bread Basket
Foot Foot Stomper