A Scout Is: The Boy Scout's Anthem

Tune: Away in a Manger

Suggested by Bill Hafker

A scout is a young man who lives by a code,
To protect his honor, and take the high road,
He faces temptation, but doesn't give in,
The scout law gives him the foundation to win.

A scout is trustworthy, he's loyal, true blue,
Helpful, friendly, courteous to me and to you
Kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty every cent,
A scout is brave, clean, and reverent.

A scout is trustworthy, faithful to the end,
In keeping his promises, you can depend,
He's loyal to family, school, and to friends,
And to our great nation that he defends.

A scout is helpful to all those in need,
Reward he seeks not, it is just a good deed,
He's friendly to people, all races and creeds,
A trait that he knows that the world sorely needs.

A scout is courteous, says "please" and "thank you",
It's something he learned as a child to do,
He is also kind, he's not spiteful or snide,
It's strong to be gentle, he knows deep inside.

A scout is obedient of rules that are there,
And works from within to change those deemed unfair,
He's cheerful, he smiles, looks for the bright side,
And helps dry the tears of others who've cried.

A scout is thrifty, of his goods he takes care,
And protects the world, and the things God put there,
He's brave, but not foolish, does not pick a fight,
But always defends what he knows to be right.

A scout is clean in thought, word, and deed,
Helps others to learn and to share these beliefs,
He is always reverent of our God above,
Reaches out to others to share His great love.

On my honor I will do my best,
To God and my country, to face every test,
To obey the Scout Law, help others always,
Be strong, and be wise, and morally straight.

A scout is a young man who's lived and who's dared,
To always help others, and to be prepared,
Come join the adventure, like others who knew,
A good turn done daily, the world does renew.

Scouting makes the future a bright thing to view!