The Greenblood Song

Author unknown... some words revised by Carol Lee Spages

Tune: My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean

Submitted by Karen Glassman

My life, it revolves around Girl Scouts
Oh how did I end up this way?
If I am not talking 'bout Girl Scouts
Then I have just little to say.

CHORUS: (add where you choose)
Give back, give back
Oh give back my life to me, to me
Give back, give back
Oh give back my life to me

I once was a cute little Brownie,
Then to Juniors I happily moved.
Cadettes and Seniors...I stayed in,
In skills every way I improved.

I learned how to camp and recycle
Rode horses and saw my first play.
It helped me to serve God and country
It made me what I am today.

At last, when my daughter reached school age
A leader I signed up to be.
We had a great time all together
My daughter, the others, and me.

My evenings are filled up with meetings
My weekends with field trips and camp.
I’m trying to do all the paperwork
But my hand is getting a cramp!

My family is used to the bedlam
But sometimes it raises their ire.
I know they will never go hungry
As long as there's wood for the fire.

You can tell that I am a leader
Craft supplies fill up every small spot.
My house is a big storage unit
The car in the garage? It is not!

I've a roomful of ribbon and lanyard
A box full of paper and glue.
A bin full of cans, jars and wood scraps
A craft? Yes, I've got one for you.

The order for cookies has gone in
And now I am off to camp out.
When I go to pick up all the cookies,
Loading up will be a workout!

I've worn a big hole in my new shoes
I know every street sign by heart.
My troop is the area’s top seller
Deliv'ring their cookies in carts.

My daughter is rolling her eyeballs,
My husband just walked away.
This morning they got a surprise
The tent's in the backyard to stay.

I got a strange look from my neighbors
When I made fire circles today.
I asked if they wanted S'mores
But all of them ran away.

You can’t even walk through my basement
There are boxes and boxes of gear.
I’m hoping to use it all someday
We could live on the stuff for a year.

My daughter dropped out in her teen years
She decided she had to be cool.
See, none of the girls still in Girl Scouts
Were the ones she hung out with at school.

My daughter won’t say the phrase Girl Scouts
My husband is sick of it too.
My son says he’s burned out on camping
They’re waiting for me to be through.

But I am still busy with Girl Scouts
I find it my purpose in life.
I love my husband and family
But I’m more than a mother and wife.

But I might as well sign up for lifetime
My blood will forever be green.
I feel like I’ve dozens of daughters
And Daisy would know what I mean.