The Tanah Keeta Hymn

By M.E. Gruber

On the bend of the river Loxahatchee;
lies a haven rare.
It's a place where our Council comes together,
Fellowship to share.

Tanah Keeta, Tanah Keeta,
On your trails we have found,
Beauty all should see, you must surely be,
God's own camping ground.

In the Glades, on the trail, and through the thicket,
Woodland life does roam.
Scent of wood smoke, the sound of boyhood laughter,
This is Scouting's home.

We, the Scouts, the Explorers, and the leaders,
Sing our praise to thee
For the fun, and the freinds and the adventure
We derive from thee.

Sun so bright, and at night the star filled heavens,
Grace the skies above.
Shelt'ring pines, gently whisp'ring in the breezes,
Bless this land we love.