Now old Adam was the first in history
With an apple he was tempted and deceived.
Just for spite the devil made him take a bite
And that's where old Adam met his Waterloo.

Waterloo, Waterloo, Where will you
Meet your Waterloo?
Every puppy has his day, Everybody has to pay
Everybody has to meet his Waterloo.

Little General Napoleon of France
Tried to conquer the world but lost his pants.
Met defeat known as Bonaparte's Retreat
And that's when Napoleon met his Waterloo.

Now a feller whose darling proved untrue
Took her life but lost his too
Now he swings where the little birdie sings
And that's where Tom Dooley met his Waterloo.

Uncle Homer the other day was found
In a barrel of moonshine where he drowned
And they'll lay him in his last resting place
Soon as they can wipe that smile off his face.

Now a feller by the name of Jimmy Haynes
Took a shotgun and blowed out all his brains
Got a job where he needs no brains of course
He's a flatfoot on the Dallas Police Force.

The Long Ranger and Tonto rode the trail
Catching outlaws and putting them in jail,
The Lone Ranger shot Tonto cause it seems
He just found out what Kemo Sabe means.

Superman his heart was made of steel
Lois Lane offered a kiss, he said, "Big Deal."
And he found himself in quite a plight
When she pushed him in a vat of Kryptonite.