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Boom Chica Boom


This is another "repeat after me" song. Just repeat the lines after the song leader shouts them. There are many different "styles" this song can be sung in, so don't limit yourself to the ones given below!

I Said A Boom Chica Boom! (repeat)

I Said A Boom Chica Boom! (repeat)

I Said A Boom Chica Rocka Chica Rocka Chica Boom! (repeat)

U-HUH (repeat)

OH-YEA (repeat)

One More Time (repeat)

Underwater Style
(Wiggle your fingers over your lips while singing)

Motorcycle Style (Make a driving action)

Janitor Style (Make a sweeping action)
Broom-Push-A-Mop-A-Push-A-Mop-A-Push a Broom


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