Lyrics for Boy Scouts Songs, Girl Scouts Songs, and American Patriotic Songs

This songbook was created for everyone who has ever been involved in Scouting. It is a compilation of camp songs that are popular at Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation and other camps around the country. It includes many types of camp songs. There are action song lyrics to keep you moving, Patriotic Song lyrics, Boy Scout song lyrics and Girl Scout song lyrics that have been sung by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for generations. I recently added a selection of Holiday Songs. I will continue to grow this new section in the near future.

If you are currently a Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or Scouter, I hope that your visit here will inspire you with new songs for your meeting, campfire, or summer camp visit.

If you were a Boy or Girl Scout but are no longer active, I hope that your visit here will bring back fond memories of the fun times that you had singing around the campfire or on the trail with your friends.

If you have questions about the site, please read the ScoutSongs FAQ. If you still have a question, then feel free to contact me at the address on that page.

12 Days of Summer Camp
A Bear in Tennis Shoes
Akela's Trail
Alice the Camel
All Girl Scouts
America the Beautiful
Anchors Aweigh
Announcements mp3 audio
Ants Marching Song mp3 audio
Army Goes Rolling Along, the
A Scout Is: The Boy Scout's Anthem
The Ash Grove
Baby Bumble Bee
Baby Shark
Backwards Song
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Ballad of the Green Beret
Banana Dance
Bar of Soap
Battle of New Orleans
The Bear
Beaver Call
Beaver Song
Be Kind To Your ... Scouting Friends
Be Kind To Your Web-footed Friends
Big Fat Hen
Bill Grogan's Goat
Bingo mp3 audio
Black Crow's Spirit
Black Socks
Bless This Camp
Boom Chica Boom
Bottle of Pop
Boy Scout Camp
Boy Scouts of America
Brownie Bridging Song
Brownie Smile Song
Bug Juice
Cabin in the Woods mp3 audio
Can a Girl Scout?
Can a Woman?
Clementine mp3 audio
Coast to Coast
Columbia, Gem of the Ocean
Coming of the Frogs
The Cub Scouts Went Over the Mountain
Cub Scouts Whistle While they Work
Daisy Happy Face Song
Dem Bones
Dog Cat Song
Do Your Ears Hang Low mp3 audio
Do Wally
Down By The Bay
Down By the Riverside
Down in the Valley
Eddie Cucha Catcha Cama
Father Abraham
Five Hundred Miles
Five Little Ducks
Flea Fly Mosquito
Follow Me Boys mp3 audio
Friends Are Nothing
Gee Mom, I Want to Go Home
G.I.R.L. S.C.O.U.T.
Girl Scout Cadence
Girl Scout Camp
Girl Scout Parade Chant
Girl Scout Smile Song
Girl Scouts Together
Girl Scout World
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor (the Statue of Liberty Song)
God Bless America
God Bless The U.S.A.
God Bless My Underwear
Goin' On a Lion Hunt
Gonk Gonk
Grand Old Duke of York mp3 audio
Grand Old Captain Kirk
Grannies in the Cellar
Greenblood Song, The
Green Grow the Rushes
Green Grass Grew All Around, the
The Green Latrine
Hail Columbia
Hail to The Chief
Ham and Eggs
Happy Wanderer, the
Hawaiian Punch
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes mp3 audio
Here We Sit Like Birds in the Wilderness mp3 audio
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (Girl Scout Version)
Hi Ho! Nobody Home
Hokey Pokey
Home on the Range
Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight
I Am a Cub Scout
I Am Thankful To Be An American
I Had a Little Chicken
I Like Bananas
I Love You So
I Met a Bear
If I Were Not a Boy Scout
If I Were Not a Girl Scout
If You're Happy
I'm a Daisy Girl Scout
I'm a Girl Scout
I'm a Leader
I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy
I'm Happy When I'm Hiking
In the Loop of the Octoraro Bend
I Points to Myself mp3 audio
It's a Good Time to Get Acquainted
It's a Lie mp3 audio
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt mp3 audio
Johnny Apple Seed
Johnny Apple Seed Grace
Johnny Had A Head
Juicy Moose
Johnny Verbeck
Kum Ba Yah mp3 audio
Little Bunny Foo Foo
Little Black Things
Little Green Frog
Little Red Caboose
Littlest Worm
Low Bridge
Make New Friends
Meadow Muffin Blues
Mountain Dew
Mufffin Man, the mp3 audio
Music Father
Music Counter
My Bonnie
My Boy Scout Hat
My Leader
My Name is Joe
Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder
Oh! How I Hate to Get Up
Oh! Susanna
Oh I Wish I Were
Oh! What A Beautiful Morning
Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Old Man
Old Mother Leary
Old Mr. Ford
On My Honor (Boy Scout Version) mp3 audio
On My Honor (Girl Scout Version) mp3 audio
On My Honor (Girl Scout Cookie Version)
On The Loose
On Top of Old Smoky
On Top of Spaghetti mp3 audio
One Finger, One Thumb
One Tin Soldier
Over There
Paddle Song
Paw Paw Patch
Peanut Butter
Philmont Grace
Philmont Hymn
Pink Pajamas mp3 audio
Pizza Hut
Princess Pat
Prune Song
Purple Stew
Quartermaster's Song,the
Ravioli mp3 audio
Red River Valley
Rheumatism mp3 audio
Rise and Shine
Robert Baden Powell
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Say When
Scout Camp
Scouting Spirit
Scout Vesper
Semper Paratus ("Always Ready")
Shaving Cream
She Wears a "G"
Singing in the Rain mp3 audio
Song of Freedom
Star Spangled Banner, the
Stars and Stripes Forever
Steamboat Bill
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Take Me To the Scout Camp
Tanah Keeta Hymn, the
Taps (Mariner Version)
Ten Mules
There's a Hole in the Bucket
There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
This Is My Country
This Land is Your Land mp3 audio
Three Chartreuse Buzzards
Three Jolly Fishermen
Three Rodents w/ Defective Vision
Titanic and Alternate Titanic
Tom the Toad
Trail the Eagle
Trusty Tommy
U.S. Marine Corps Hymn, the
U.S. Navy Hymn, the
Vive L'Amour
We Are Brownies
We Change the World
We're Here
We're Here Because We're Here
What Did Delaware, Boys?
When E're You Make a Promise
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again
Where Have all the Daisies Gone
Yankee Doodle mp3 audio
You're a Grand Old Flag