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On My Honor

(Girl Scout Cookie Version)

On my honor I will try
To sell Girl Scout cookies all day and night
We'll sell our cookies until they are gone.
Cause there's many more where they come from.

People don't need to know my name
They'll buy my cookies just the same

For three dollars a box, they get quite a treat

When they open their box to eat.


I've tucked away a box or two,
If you buy our cookies you'll have some to.
If you need samoas then we have some,
And there's plenty more where they came from.


We sell our cookies at the grocery store,
and we even go door to door.
Our Thin Mints, they are really great
So freeze them now before it's too late


We've set a goal that we plan to keep,
To sell fifty boxes before we fall asleep
So buy several boxes so when we're gone,
You can still be munching and singing this song


With our profits we have lots of fun.
We sell and sell nearly a ton.
Were going camping, and horse riding too
and we even get to sleep at the zoo


Our cookie sale lasts only two weeks.

But we have lots of fun with the people we meet.
So buy our cookies before we go.
Cause we won't be back for a year or so.