Scout Songs - Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and Patriotic Songs
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Boy Scout Songs

In Alphabetical Order
Akela's Trail
A Scout Is: The Boy Scout's Anthem
Be Kind To Your ... Scouting Friends
Bless This Camp
Boy Scouts of America
Bug Juice
Coast to Coast
Coming of the Frogs
The Cub Scouts Went Over the Mountain
Cub Scouts Whistle While they Work
Do Wally
I Am a Cub Scout
If I Were Not a Boy Scout
In the Loop of the Octoraro Bend
Music Father
My Boy Scout Hat
My Leader
Oh! How I Hate to Get Up
On My Honor
Philmont Hymn
Quartermaster's Song,the
Robert Baden Powell
Say When
Scout Camp
Scouting Spirit
Scout Vesper
Take Me To the Scout Camp
Tanah Keeta Hymn, the
Three Chartreuse Buzzards
Trail the Eagle
Trusty Tommy


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